Dyness 8Kw Single Phase LV Inverter

Dyness 8KW Single Phase LV Hybrid Inverter with CT & WIFI Included – Dyne-8.0L-1P-A

The DYNE 5.0/6.0/8.0L-1P-A series is designed for residential hybrid systems. The inverter can work with Dyness low-voltage lithium-ion battery DL5.0X/DL5.0C/ Powerbox Pro to maximize self-consumption and provide backup power if the grid fails and there is not enough PV power to cover load demand.

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Product Features:

  • Generator connectivity with multiple input methods and automatic generator On/Off control
  • Automatic UPS switching(<4ms)
  • Supports peak shaving control in both "self-use" and "generator" mode
  • Up to 135A(5.0/6.0K) and 190A(8.0K) max charge/discharge current
  • 6 customizable charge/discharge time settings
  • 10-second 200% surge power backup overload capability
  • Supports 1ph and 3ph flexible connection with max 36kW (5.0/6.0K) and 48kW(8.0K) in parallel


  • Input DC (PV side):
    • Recommended max. PV power: 12.8 kW
    • Max. input voltage: 600 V
    • Rated voltage: 300 V
    • Start-up voltage: 90 - 520 V
    • Max. input current: 32A/20A
    • Max. short circuit current: 36A/30A
  • Battery:
    • Battery type: Li-ion
    • Max. charge/discharge power: 8 kW
    • Max. charge/discharge current: 190 A
  • Output AC (Grid side):
    • Rated output power: 8 kW
    • Max. output current: 40 A
    • Max. input current: 50 A
  • General
    • Dimensions(W*H*D): 405*560*215 mm
    • Weight: 27kg
    • Ingress protection: IP66


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